Beginning Remarks: Divi has powerful features, but. . .

I will continue to attempt to get used to Divi for a little while. But, I am finding a learning curve as is with most things new to me and to be honest, I’m greatly discouraged. One thing that I wanted to test is if posts made using Divi would be equally viewed using other themes in case I decided to not remain invested in the Divi architecture. Well, as I suspected, there is some proprietary code written that doesn’t play nice with other themes. To me, this defeats one of the advantages of using WordPress in the first place. One of my interests is to build my own theme for WordPress, but if I use Divi to do this, I would be required to continue paying for Divi. I had thought that I could employ Divi to build a first draft of my own theme and then sort of duplicate it using standard WordPress theme architecture . I may stand corrected at some point, but It appears to me that all posts made using Divi would be unusable in other themes.

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